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Yesterday we went and got some very nice high quality reindeer skins for indoor/outdoor use.

Small beige/brown 1650 SEK.

Medium/large beige/brown 1850 SEK.

Medium/large white 1950 SEK.

Welcome to visit us in the shop or you can order online through message or e-mail!

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Special price

Tuesday 12/03/2024 2000SEK/pers

Follow us to Rovaniemi in Finland and meet Santa Claus

Start 8.00

Back 18.00

Contact us if you want to book the tour !

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Please, never ask for a discount...we are a little company...we can't give a discount just because you book a tour with us... You don't ask for a discount with the. train or flight don't ask for a discount for your hotel, you don't ask for a discount when you rent a why do ask us?

So please don't ask us...if you book more than one tour we can do something for you, but don't ask us.

Hope you understand

Thank you so much

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